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London University's Mission Statement

Excellence High Education from London to World

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London University's Vision Statement:

7115: 7faculties | 100 Profs | 10000Std | 5 years

Faculty and students of London University will continually engage in continuous learning, improving professional practice, and self-assessment in order to provide the highest form of service to the community. The graduates of this academic institution will provide proactive professional services that would promote dynamism in teamwork.

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Goals & Objectives

  • to prepare graduates (Associate through Doctoral degrees) for competent practices coupled with superior communication skills (both verbal and written).
  • to develop graduates with well-rounded skill sets so that one's own practice can be evaluated.
  • to present online degree programs that are comprehensive, easy to use, efficient and effective.
  • to function within the organizational structures and, if necessary, seek and implement appropriate organizational modifications so that our graduates are recognized as outstanding business leaders and superb educators.
  • to pursue courageously innovative educational programs and high value services anchored in truth, established practice and founded science.
  • to promote and accelerate leadership as well as encourage professional development through continuing education and intensive curricular formation.
  • to facilitate the development of learners towards transformation through a synergistic utilization of current researches, relevant curricular offerings and responsive extension services.
  • to relentlessly generate a new breed of self-directed, competitive business and educational leaders.
  • to support one another, both faculty and students, in sustaining the shared mission.

To achieve these goals, London University is committed to provide its students the best and most modern education. Through the use of our innovative on-line modules, we hope to equip our students and graduates with the latest information and learning in their respective fields. With excellence at the heart of our goals, the university is intent on utilizing and optimizing research in the fields of business, technology, legal studies and education for the advancement of its students, faculty and services. The university will also be responsible for the enhancement of a well-rounded, research oriented academe; and thus, encourages research building among its populace. Through faculty members that are highly experienced in diverse fields, the university also plans to produce alumni that are internationally competitive. Additionally, the university aims to develop a network that spans globally to help establish its graduates anywhere in the world.

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